About us

Founded in 2001, “Ne imti, bet duoti“ is a nonprofit organisation with more than 100 regular volunteers, working as tutors in 10 orphanages in four cities in Lithuania. Being a tutor as well as a friend, helping to learn and to grow, bringing hope, inspiration to a child living in an orphanage is our main goal. 

The name of our organisation, “Ne imti, bet duoti“, translates as „to give, instead of taking“. We embrace proactive, steady, long-term volunteering. We aspire to give our time and effort rather than material resources. We believe that consistency is much more valuable than fickle and occasional attention, especially when working with children. Establishing a connection with a child is priceless. We seek to reflect these values ​​- respect, cooperation, knowledge, openness and empathy – through our work.

Each volunteer visits his/her pupil once a week. He/she helps the child with the homework, spends time together.

Our organisation follows the most important and fundamental principle of volunteering:  devoting your time, energy, knowledge and personal experience to an altruistic purpose,  without seeking any monetary compensation for it.

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Our main activity is teaching children in foster care institutions;

Our secondary activity is organising educational events festivals and lectures, held by our event management team.

Our mission is to create a sustainable society by helping socially excluded children to integrate into society, to foster their formal and informal education.

Our vision is a sustainable society and a bright future for the younger generation.